Individual lessons

My name is Marina Ivkina. I teach Russian as a foreign language from 2010. My students are from all over the world.
Some more info about me
- author and founder of the RuLangClub project,
- certified teacher of Russian as a foreign language at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture,
- a certified tester in Russian as a foreign language,
- author of training programs, distance courses, books,
- author of the podcast "Russian Verbs",
- creator of products for learning the Russian language,
- PhD in Digital Pedagogy,
- co-founder of the online school of the Russian language MyRUSkey,
- as well as a co-founder of a unique FILMclub for learning the Russian language.
Individual consultation (60 min)
for students - we will check you level of Russian language, I will suggest the way to learn Russian and answer on your questions.
for teachers - answer your questions (better if you will send them before), I will help to find the programs for teaching Russian
25 $
6 individual lessons
Lessons are hold on interactive learning platform, students have their own account. Each lesson is provided with video and listening material, grammar explanation and a lot of speaking practice.
135 $

Online courses

For Beginners: Course “from 0 to A1”
Start - any time
35 lessons
with teacher’s feedback after each lesson
For Beginners: Course “from A1 to A2”
Continue learn Russian with the course "From A1 to A2".
30 lessons with video guide
Grammar Course "Verbs of Motion"
Grammar course consist of 2 steps. You can join only one step or take full course.
Step 1 - non-prefixed Verbs of Motion (for B1)
Step 2 - prefixed Verbs of Motion (for B2)
Download for FREE.
Video course "Soviet Reality"
For Advancers.
Based on a Russian serial "Eighties".
This is a story about the life of ordinary Soviet people.
Grammar course "Russian Cases"
For Intermediate.
Basic grammar course about 6 Russian cases, its meaning, usage and changes of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals.
Grammar course "Perfectly Imperfect"
For Intermediate.
Grammar course about Russian verbs - aspects, tenses.
Variants of usage, forms.

Learning materials

Cards “Russian verbs” A1
150 cards with Russian verbs (forms, meaning, usage + QR with audio)
Cards “Russian verbs” A2
344 cards with Russian verbs (forms, meaning, usage + QR with audio)
"Russian Detective" Game
180 cards, 9 groups and an infinite number of
Mind maps "Prefixed verbs B2"
Pdf posters - 18 verbs.
Download, print + QR with exercises for practice
Russian grammar NOTEBOOK
The basic Russian Grammar rules in one notebook.
Plus, there is also a place to write your notes for each grammatical topic.
Russian language PLANNER
This planner motivates you to improve your Russian.
No chance to stop.
Russian language VOCABULARY
Have all new Russian words in one place.
It will be easy to continue your studies or to make first steps in Russian.
Handwriting Tutorial
This is a tutorial to learn how to write Russian letters. This is the Pdf, you can download.